Bio Edit

Gizmo is my cat. I got her from a friend along with anotherr named Precious, who sadly was ran over by a car. If I did not take her in she would have been sent to a kill shelter. I named her Gizmo because of My Grandmother's old cat Gizmo, a male Calico but this Gizmo is female

Personality Edit

Gizmo is very social, friendly and super sweet. She follows you everywhere you go (exept when Buddy's around then she runs. He likes sitting in our windowsill because she loves to see whatss going on inside. When someone opens the door she often sneaks in but is always caught. Mostly curious, she loves to climb trees (ecspecially when Buddy is around. She also likes other cats But she's very weary of dogs because when her and Buddy and met she was about to become a kitty burger so they have to be seperated. She is a heavy Eater. She loves to play with Daisy, my little Havanese but thatss the only dog she typically likes. She loves children and is really watchful of my 3 year old brother, Peerce. Her sister Precious was the polar oppisote of her But they stayed together 24/7 until Precious died.

Appearance Edit

Gizmo is a Nebelung mix (most people dontt know what a Nebelung is well it's simply a more family oriented and long haired Russian blue) She has some Calico cat in her too so I say she is Calico/Nebelung mix. Her sister looked like a Russian blue. She has green eyes and that adorable black mask over one eyes and her whole head but her ears are orange.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

  • Peerce
  • Daisy
  • her sister, Precious
  • BraxtonTheScienceTeacherpup
  • Climbing trees and playing fetch
  • Playing dead (I taught her you gotta say "Go limp" and she plays dead.
  • People
  • other cats
  • Sitting in front of the windowsill and seeing whatss going on inside
  • chasing stuff
  • riding In the golf cart
  • sneaking inside
  • Cuddling
  • being stroked through the window
  • Tablescraps

Dislikes Edit

  • Water
  • Dogs (exept for Daisy)
  • Peerce crying/in danger
  • being ignored
  • being poked at in her favorite spots
  • (not really much things she does dislikes, she likes everything.)
My cat, Gizmo