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If you like baby kittens you come to the right place to find out what Me and The Admins Do here Ask TylerLovesJen. The Founder Or one of The Admins


This wiki is focused on stuff for kids (eg. PAW Patrol), so make sure you follow the rules carefully.

  • Never edit another person's user page without permission.
  • Never make a page where kittens die, or they get burned alive, eg. This wiki is for all ages, so don't do that.
  • No spamming (eg. Putting a comment that says ghhxnfnbfvftcvfhsbbbfvvr or smile.) Comments like these will be deleted and you will be blocked or given a warning.
  • No making fun of users.
  • No vanalising! Don't post anything un-kitten related, and it will be deleted and you will be blocked or given a warning.
  • No swearing.
  • Don't threaten a user.
  • Don't tell other users how to live their life. You will then receive a permanent block.
  • Don't ask for a password.
  • Dont Ask to be a Admin or Chat mod Ask TylerLovesJen, PolicePupChase, Or RockyTheEco-pup, They Will think it over and maybe make you one.
  • Read the Chat Room Rules They will help you out
  • Be Nice To The BabyKittens Wiki Staff here TylerLovesJen, RockyTheEco-pup, PolicePupChase,

Wanna get started here? Just sign up for an account to see what is happening. Enjoy!

GetwellGive my pup-pad a ring here is an admin at the Babykittens Wiki and you must address him as Tyler

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