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kiki is a ricochet's daughter's cat who runs away often because of the baths she runs away so much that karen (ricochet's 2 daughter)  always chases her around, she loves getting petted by karen and  dixie (ricochet's 1st daughter)                                                              


she is an street cat who was picked up by karen one day and jumper said she could keep the cat but the cat was too frisky and always destroyed the furniture, they could not part with her so they took her too super kevin's lab to see if he could help kiki and her friskyness so he developed a calm down drink and put it in a water bowl but kiki would not drink from it. so they waited until kiki drunk some and finnaly she did a day later kiki was as nice as ever but she runs away often still because of baths.


i cannot find a camera or else it be done today.