Matt is a wolf-pup owned by TylerLovesJen and RockytheEco-pup.




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This OC was created with the approval of the admins. If you don't approve of homosexuality than keep your comments to yourself. Just like with people, OCs should not be hated because of their sexuality. If you leave hate comments or anything like that, you risk punishment from admins.


Matt is a kind-hearted wolf-dog who love to help others. He was raised by wolves but was kicked out when the pack leader found out he was gay. Their pack policy forbid gay relationships so he was chased out of pack territory. He ran to Adventure Bay and Ryder took him in and made him part of the PAW Patrol. It was then Matt met Tyler Synoga. They eventually start dating.

In the future, Matt and Tyler get married and adopt two kittens and two puppies from an animal shelter since they can't have any of their own. The two kittens are Tyler Jr and Ally. The two pups are Jack, and Zoey.


Matt is a wolf-pup with blue eyes and gray fur. He also has a red collar.

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  • He is gay
  • He has a crush on Tyler Synoga.
  • His best friend is Skye and likes to spend the day at Katie's with her.


  • Tyler- Boyfriend/Husband
  • TJ- Son
  • Parta- Daughter-in-law
  • Jack- Son
  • Polo- Son-in-law
  • Zoey- Daughter
  • Ally- Daughter
  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother