Little,Poor Max
One day at the lookout Chase and Ryder were preparing to go to training on an early morining.

Ryder:Hey Max.

Max: Yes Ryder? 

Ryder: Me and Chase are going to training behave yourself.


Ryder and Chase exit the lookout. 

Ryder: Hey Bob want to come with us in training. 

Bob: Okay 

Meanwhile with Max.

Max: Hey Rocky 

Rocky: Hi Max.

Max: Want to help me prank Bob.

Rocky: Sure.

Back with Ryder and Chase and Bob.

Chase:Ryder you don't think something will happen back there will it?

Ryder: No like what?

Chase: I don't know maybe i'm just worring too much.

Ryder: Its okay maybe your just tired.

Back with Max and Rocky.

Rocky: Hey Max where do you want this bucket of water at?

Max:On top of the door.

Rocky: Okay.

Back with Chase,Ryder, and Bob.

Bob: Chase can we go back now please.

Chase: Ryder is it okay that we go now? 

Ryder: Sure.

They arrived at the lookout. 

Bob: Can I go first Ryder?

Ryder: Sure.

Bob enters and a bucket of water slashes him with water making him wet and droopy.

Max: (laughing) Got you!

Chase: Max.

Ryder: Max get out of here now!!!

Max: (crying) Sorry Bob i'll go now

Rocky: No Max.

Max: No I must Ryder says so.

Ryder: No I didn't mean it.

Max: No I must i'm a bad pup goodbye.

The End.    Max Comes Back