After years and years and years of being in the shelter after the death of his owner, Max was depressed all the time, Day to night One day Max didn't know that today was a day that he would get adapted, But let's not get ahead of ourselves It started on a Christmas Eve. Max was depressed thinking he wasn't in a warm house, Thinking he wasn't going to get some cuddles or some warm milk today. "Seeing all those kitties being adapted everyday, But I'm over here being invisible, Like a ghost" Max thought to himself as he watched a kitten being hugged by his new owner.

Hours later Max saw a employee that worked in a shelter walked towards him. "Would you like this kitten, Sir?" A man appeared and glared at Max while Max glared at the man ".....I'll take him!" The man said while he was snapping his fingers "Are you sure you'd want this kitten, Sir? He's always depressed" "I don't care, I'd want this kitten, We can work on not being depressed anymore. Right, Kitty?" ".....Wow, I have a new owner....." Max couldn't help himself but to purr while the man pet him.....Max the lonely kitten....Wasn't lonely anymore.
Little,Poor Max

Sorry if it was short, I kinda winged it...But I hope you liked it