Mrs. Young Is A FIghter And Tyler is Her Buddy, When this Two Get together Watch out Don't Get in There Way Unless You Want to Get Hurt By Them.

Part 1
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Mrs Young And Tyler

Mrs Young: John Let Tyler Go .

John: No Dumb Girl 

Mrs Young: Who Are you Calling Dumb

Tyler: Uh Oh

John: What

Tyler: Dont Call Her Dumb

Mrs Young Body Slams Him 

????: Wow I will love to have you And Tyler In My Boxing Mtach 

Mrs Young: Sure 

Tyler Ok 

End of Part 1

????: Here we Are The Boxing Ring

Mrs Young: Wow i love it 

Tyler: Me Too

????: Thanks Here Is Your First Bad Guy

Tyler: Who Are You 

Brutus: Im Brutus Who Are you Kitty

Tyler: Im Tyler 

Mrs Young: and Im Mrs Young

Brutus: Awwww Kitty got His GF To Help Him Awwwww

Tyler: WHAT

Mrs Young: Im Not his GF

Brutus: Your Going Down Cat

Tyler: We Will See About That

End of Part 2

Mrs Young You Ready Tyler

Tyler Yes i am

Mrs Young You Go Low Ill Take High

Tyler Ok

Brutus Come Here Cat

Tyler No Way

He Takes his Tail And Hit Him it The Ropes

Tyler Ow

Mrs Young Tyler Are you ok

Tyler No I Can't Fight

Mrs Young Who Is Going To Be My Parther Then

Rocky I will Mrs Young

Brutus Well Look Who's Back

Rocky Yep but this Time i Got A Parther

Mrs Young Yep He Does

Brutus Awww Your Buddys Gf Going to Help You

End Of Part 3

Rocky Yes She is.

Mrs Young I'm Not His GF she Takes His Legs And puts Them behind His Head

Brutus Your Nuts Ow

Rocky Dont Mess With Mrs Young

Mrs Young You Tell Him Rocky

Tyler Get off Him Mrs Young

Mrs Young Tyler?

Rocky Tyler is Over there hurt its A clone Tyler

Tyler Yep hes Right Get Off my Parther

Mrs Young Your Parther???

End Of Part 4

Rocky Who Made you Tyler?

Tyler My Dad Burtus

Rocky WHAT!!!

Burtus Yep Hi Son

Tyler Hi Dad

Burtus Lets Go Son

Tyler Ok Lets

Rocky Lets Go Mrs Young 

Mrs Young Ok Tyler Your Going Down

Tyler We'll See Girl

End Of Part 5

Rocky Tyler Dont Do This I Don't Want To Hurt You.

Tyler Rocky Too bad Low Kicks Him

Rocky Gets his Lag And hits Him In The Face With It

Tyler Ow You Dumb Mutt

Mrs Young Come On 

Burtus You Dumb Girl Try's To hit her

Mrs Young Go Under And upcuts Him 

Burtus Ugh

Rocky And Mrs Young both Are Tired

End Of Part 6