So cute


Hey Everyone This Is TylerLovesJen. I Hope You Enjoy This Stroy.

Tyler: I want a kitten now.

Chase: Don't we have Max?

Tyler: Yes, but I want a cuter one.

Chase: Let's go.

They get to the pet store.

Chase: Awwww look at the cute baby kittens Tyler.

Tyler: Yes they are cute (Crying).

Chase: Are you ok?

Tyler: Yes they are just so cute.

Chase: Ok.

They see one and get him.

Tyler: Hi what's your name?

Bob: My names Bob.

Chase: (Starts tearing up).

Tyler: Chase are you ok?

Chase: (Looks away) Um ?Yes I am.

Bob: Can I go home with you guys?

Tyler and Chase: Ok.

They get to the lookout!.

Tyler: Ryder come look at the cute new kitten we gotten.

Ryder: Aww whats his name?

Chase: Bob.

Bob: Hi nice to meet you.

Ryder: Same here.

Bob: So is there any more guys?

Ryder: Yes.

Bob: Ok.

Max: (Comes over) Who is this?

Bob: Hi i'm Bob nice to meet you.

Max No one Wnat's You Here GO AWAY.

Bob Oh I'm Sorry I Will Just go Walks Sad

Ryder MAX Be Nice NOW.

Max i'm Sorry Bob.

Bob: Its ok.

Chase: You guys made up that's good.

Bob: Yes it is .

Max Yep.

Ryder: Awwww.

The End