Story: Everyone Fav Pup gets Biten By Tyler Will They Save Chase? And Will The Pups Ever Save Tyler? Find Out

Part 1 The Bite

Chase: Over here Zuma

Zuma: Go Long Dude

Chase: I got it oof

Tyler: Bites Chase hi Chase

Chase: Ouch!

Tyler: Flys back to Jen

Chase: Feels Tired im going to lay Down

Zuma: Tyler bit You Chase im going to get you the Cure

Chase:: It wont be Easy Jen has it

Zuma: Oh No.

Chase: Yep im going to lay down for a bit (zzz)

Zuma: Dont worry Chase i will save you.

Rubble: Where are you going Zuma?

Zuma: To Get Chase a Cure 

Next Part Comeing Soon

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