This is a Story made By TylerLovesjen And Chaseisonthecase

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Dirge: Hey Tyler Lets Go to The Park.

Tyler: Ok lets get Chase and we will Go

Dirge: Oh he Might Be Training today

Tyler: Oh For What?

Dirge: How would how i know i'm not a Police pup

Tyler: Oh right let's Go.

Dirge: Ok

They go to the Park

Dirge: Why would you i...

Rubble: Hi

Tyler: Oh hi Rubble Whats Up?

Rubble: I'm actually Reconstruting the park so it's technically closed

Tyler: oh now what Dirge?

Dirge: Hmmm

Tyler: Let's go play

Dirge: Where?

Tyler: In the lookout?

Dirge: Ok

They get to he lookout

Tyler: what to do hmmm

Dirge: who is that?

Tyler: I don't know

Dirge: Is that?

Jen: Why hi mutt hi Tyler

Tyler: Oh no not you

Dirge: I'm not a mutt i'm a Bule Heeler

Jen: Oh im Sorry i love you

Tyler: huh is she ok?

Dirge: ?

Jen: I missed you it's me your Owner

Dirge: I'm not your Owner my last Owner was Andrew

Jen: Oh i was his Mom

Dirge: No....

Jen: Fine puts Tyler to Sleep

Tyler: (zzz)

Jen: Bye Mutt

Dirge: I'm not a Mutt!

Jen You don't want to save Tyler he's your Buddy

Dirge: Yes But.......

Jen: But what you and him got in a fight?

Dirge: No.......

Jen: Awwwww Well Bye puppy

Dirge: Wait before you go

Jen: Yes?

Dirge: (locks Down the lookout With A button)

Jen: Why did you do that?

Dirge: So you Coudn't get out

Jen: Fine Take Tyler Bye

Dirge: Bye

Tyler: (Zzz)

Dirge: Tyler?

Tyler: Huh Dirge?

Dirge: Are you ok?

Tyler: Yes

Dirge: Um Are you a Vimpie Tyler?

Tyler: No Why?

Dirge: Oh Never mind then no reson looks Scared

Tyler: Dirge You ok bud?

Dirge: Yes i will be night

Tyler: Night Bud

Dirge: Runs away form home

Tyler: licks his Lips looks At Chase 

Chase: Hi Tyler

Tyler: Oh hi Chase licks his lips

Chase: You ok buddy?

Tyler: Yes look over there

Chase: Does so

Rubble: hi Tyler hi Chase

Tyler: thinking on no Rubble

Chase: hi Rubble

Rubble: Ryder needs you for something

Chase: Oh ok bye Tyler

Tyler: Bye Chase

Rubble: What Where you Doing with Chase?

Tyler: Playing Tag

???: i will see you soon my Love

Back With Dirge

Dirge:: Why Will he Try to Bite Me?

Smoky: I dont know why

Dirge: Jen did something to him

Smoky: i know but what?

Dirge: We Will Find Out

Smoky: Oh ok lets go.

Back With Vamp Tyler

Tyler: Tag your it Rubble

Rubble: You better Run im Comeing For you 

Tyler: falls ow!

Rubble: You Ok buddy

Tyler Gets his Fargs out Yes i am

Rubble: Oh ok Thats Good im happy

Tyler: Hey Look over there

Rubble: does so

Zuma: Hey Tyler

Tyler: Oh Come on

Zuma: Dude you ok 

Tyler: No im not ok i was Trying to Bite Rubble to Suck his Blood

Rubble: What!

Tyler: I'm sorry bud i Need it im a vamp

Rubble: Ahhhh (runs Away)

Tyler: Flys for Him 

Rubble: Tyler no (hits Him with a book)

Tyler: Ow (zzz)

Zuma You ok dude 

Rubble: Yes Tyler tryed to suck my Blood Why?

Zuma: I dont know

Rubble: We better get out of here

They Run Away

Chase: Hi Guys

Zuma: Dude Tyler Is trying to suck blood 

Chase: What our kitty buddy

Rubble: Yes We Need help Chase

Chase: Ok i will help Arf Net

Tyler: Wakes Up huh Chase 

Chase: Im sorry Tyler but Rubble and Zuma said That you where Sucking Blood

Tyler: Gives Chase Kitten Eyes Meow

Chase: Not Going to work on me Tyler Sorry

Tyler: Let me out of here Now!!!!

Matt: Baby im here gets him Out

Tyler:Thx baby Let's Go

They Get Out

Chase: No Tyler

Tyler And Matt Flys Away

Dirge: No Chase Where is Tyler going?

Chase: I Dont Know

Dirge: I know where he is Going

Back with Jen

Jen: Why Hi Tyler you done it

Tyler: No they Will not let me bite Any of them

Jen: its Fine 

Tyler: But we need Blood

Back with Dirge

Dirge: I Found Him

Chase: Let's Go Save him

Dirge: Here put this on it will Help You

Chase: What is it

Dirge: Its A Box it will help us Get inside

Chase:Ok Lets Go

Dirge There he is

Tyler Sees Dirge And Chase Why hi There 

Dirge: Use The box

Chase: Uses The box

Tyler: Noooooo

Dirge: Nice Job

Jen: No Tyler.

Dirge: Its Over Jen 

Jen: Oh Thats What you Think

Dirge: What do you mean

Jen: I Give Tyler A Spell Thats makes Him a Vampie forever

Dirge: No

The End Find out in Pups Save Zuma if Tyler gets back to himself