his is a Story made by TylerLovesJen  And RockytheEco-pup 

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Story: So One Day Ryder is on a misson Without the Pups And they Want Food And Tyler A Evil Clone Gives Them Food none  Of the other pups Want it but Zuma And Zuma Eats it Will They Find A Cure For Tyler And Zuma or not????

Part 1 : The Poison

Ryder: Ok pups im Going Now bye see you in a Few Days.

Chase:: Bye Ryder

Zuma: Bye Ryder

Marshall: Bye Ryder

Zuma: Aw Dudes My Tummy wants Food (lays Down in Hunger)

Chase: Hmm im going to see if Ryder left any Food for us

Marshall: Don't Worry Im Sure he did

Chase: Bad News Zuma he Dint

Zuma: Oh No

Tyler Sees him

Tyler: here Zuma gives him dog food

Zuma: um ok

Chase: Zuma No dont eat it you never eat food Tyler he's

Zuma :Dudes i dont Feel so Good

Tyler Ah you better Find the Cure (he goes)

Chase: Zuma Dont Worry we will find the Cure

Zuma: Thx Chase He lays Down

Chase: Come on Marshall

Marshall: Don't Worry we will be back Soon

Part 2 the Doctor

Chase Hello anyone here

Doctor yes i am

Chase Jumps In Marshall's Paws

Doctor Im sorry i dint mean to scared ya

Chase you dint i was looking For Rats on the floor

Doctor oh ok so what can i help you with

Marshall we need to find a Cure For out Pup pal named Zuma

Doctor Zuma i have not heard that name in a long time

Chase you know him

Doctor yes i used to be his teacher

Chase we have to find him a Cure Tyler Gave him some bad food

Doctor well Sorry i cant help you there but maybe someone Can if you go to the woods There might be someone who can help

Chase Ok thanks Lets Go

Back at the Lookout

Zuma zzz

Tyler Bites his ear

Zuma Ow!!!

Tyler you will be a vampie in a hour

Zuma What no 

Tyler if Chase and Marshall dont make it back here in time

Zuma Plz Hurry guys

Part 3 The Woods

Chase I hope we find Zuma a Cure And Fast.

Marshall Me Too i dont like the woods

Chase: Scaredy Cat

Marshall Im not a Scaredy Cat im a Scaredy pup

Tyler Well well well What do we have here

Chase Tyler!! What did you do to Zuma?

Tyler Oh hes fine For now you better hurry and find the cure or else

Chase Glows What did you do to him

Tyler He will be a vimpie in a hour bye Pups

Marshall No come on Chase we have to find the Cure and Fast

Back at the Lookout

Zuma Frags Come out of his mouth no guys hurry!

Ryder Zuma Runs to him are you ok?

Zuma No Tyler did Something to me 

Ryder Tyler?

Zuma Its not the Same Tyler

Ryder Oh ok Wheres Chase And Marshall?

Zuma They are out geting me the Cure (zzz)

Ryder Zuma! Thnking Guys Hurry back

Part 4 The Cure

Chase We have to hurry Marshall

Marshall Right

They find it

Chase Lets go back to Zuma hurry

Marshall Ok they get back 

Zuma Hi Chase

Chase here they give him the Cure

Zuma Just in Time

Tyler No You bad pup Chase

Chase Your a bad Cat Tyler!!

Tyler Flys away

The End to Find out if they will get Tyler back to himself keep on reading next up Pups Save Chase