This is a story By TylerLovesJen and ClockwerkSamurai12, Enjoy.

The Paw Patrol are at The Beach with Ryder playing with them. Ryder goes to fetch the volleyball and when he retrives it he sees Katie.

Chase: Who is that Girl? Ryder? Ryder?

Ryder looks at her. The girl had blonde hair, blue-green eyes, blue shoes, blue short pants and a pink and white striped shirt. She was beautiful.

Ryder: She is so beautiful. Chase, go and see if I can talk to her.

Chase: Why me? Why not you?

Ryder: I'm shy around girls.

Chase: You are?

Ryder: Yes I am. I don't know how to talk to them.

Chase: Its OK, wait here.

He walks over to the girl

Chase: Excuse me madame.

Katie: Yes? 

Chase: My friend would like to talk to you. 

Katie: I would really like to meet him and- (She looks at Ryder and is paralyzed when she layed eyes on him)

Ryder: Are you ok?

Chase: Yeah, I'm OK. 

Ryder: H-Hi.

Katie: H-Hi...

Ryder: I'm Ryder.

Katie: I'm K-K-K-Katie. I'm sorry, I normally don't act like this around people I meet. I'm new here.

Chase Awwwww, love.

Ryder: I guess I forgot to mention I normally get nervous when I talk to someone as pretty as you.

Katie blushes and then giggles.

Chase: We have to go now, It's geting late. Bye Katie, nice to meet you.

Katie: When can I see you again?

Chase: Anytime you like, just come to the Lookout.

Katie: OK, I guess I'll stop by. (She kisses Ryder on the lips) Later!

Chase: Whoooooooooo.

Ryder: Wow... She's so beautiful. Anyway pups, let's go home

The End