Little,Poor Max
This is my first story, hope you like it. This will also be a crossover with PAW patrol. I also added my self to this story.

So it was just like a rainy day at the lookout.

Rocky: I'm so bored.

Marshall: Let’s go outside then. 

Rocky:Are you nuts.

Marshall: Well you said you were bored.

Rocky: True, ok let’s go.

They go outside and find a lost kitten.

Marshall And Rocky: Awwww.

Rocky: You are so cute, are you lost?

Max: Yes I am, and the name is Max.

Rocky: Well come back with us inside the lookout to get dry.

Max: Ok.

Marshall: We found a kitten, can we keep him? 

Ryder starts crying.

Rocky: Ryder are you ok?

Ryder: I'm fine, come on let’s go show the other pups.

Chase, Skye, Zuma, Rubble and Tyler are up in the observatory.

Ryder: Come over here pups, say hi to this cute kitten, his name is Max.

All: Hi Max.

Tyler and Rubble Start crying because the kitten looks so cute.

Chase: Are you pups ok?

Tyler And Rubble: Yes, we are fine Chase, thanks.

Chase: Ok.

Ryder: Awww, Tyler and Rubble, Max is the new member of the gang!