Ryder: Hey Noah.

Noah: Hi Ryder;
Curling up

Ryder: Wheres Max?

Noah: He was just over here.

Ryder: Oh tell him I need to see him.

Noah: Ok.

Chase: Hey Noah.

Noah: Hey Chase.

Chase: How are you?

Noah: Fine.

Tyler: Hey guys Noah: Hi Tyler.

Chase: Hi Tyler.

Tyler: I saw Just Max Chase: You Did where? At the lookout.

Noah: Ryder needs him.

Tyler: Oh ok.

Max Why does Ryder need me for?

Noah: I don't know.

They go over to Ryder. 

Hi Ryder: I need You for a test to make kittens Max: Ok (He Makes A baby kitten)

Chase Awwww Chase: Arn't they cute Noah.

Noah: AW.

Tyler Max look at what you made Max Awwww So what i hate cats so?

Tyler: Um ok? Ryder hey Noah want to help me care for him?

Noah: Ok.

(Ryder gives the bottle and the cat to him) Ryder: Take care of him I have to go be back soon

Noah: Ok ill try.

Ryder: You will be awesome bye.

Noah: Bye.

(Chase looks At him)

Chase: Awwww he is so cute.

Chase: Need any help with him?

Noah: No I am good.

Chase: Ok.

(Chase gives Noah baby bottle with milk)

Noah: Thanks For The Kitten.

Chase: Does he like it?

Noah: Yes now Shh.

Chase:(whispers) Sorry.

(Noah cradles the baby kitten to sleep)

Tyler: Awww crying so cute.

Noah: Shh.

Tyler: Sorry.

Noah: Sits down in a rocking chair.

Chase: Aww Are you ok Noah I sees tears in your eyes.

Noah: Yeah just... I'm fine.

Tyler: Aw Noah Ryder Came Back.

Ryder: Hi Noah.

Noah: Shh.

Ryder: Sorry how he is doing?

Noah: Come look.

(Noah cradles the kitten back to sleep)

Ryder: Aww They get a new kitten.

The End.