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So the teachers were wearing high heels today and they were good looking in them.

Mrs.Young: How do you like my heels pups?

Pups: Um, um, um nice, nice SO NICE.

Mrs.Young: Thanks pups. 

Mr Berg's Aid: How do you like my heels and my outfit.

Pups: UM, WOW just WOW!

Mr Berg's Aid: Thanks pups.

Mrs.Young: So who do you think is the prettiest?

Pups: You both are!

  • Ryder comes in

Ryder: Um, what do both of you look so pretty today for?

Mrs.Young: Because we are going on a trip today.

Ryder: You ok pups?

Pups: Huh? Hey Ryder? Don't they look SO pretty today Ryder?

Ryder: They sure do pups!

The End.

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