Ryder: Hi Pups.
Many Kittens

Tyler's Kittens

Rocky:Hi Ryder.

Ryder: Tyler is haveing kittens let's go to the vet.

(They go to the vet )

Tyler: Ahhh.


Rocky: Hi Tyler.

Chase: Are you ok ?

Tyler: No Ahhh.

Rocky:Just Breathe Tyler.

Chase Just Calm Down Tyler.

Tyler: (Deep Breaths) (Calm Down) Oh i feel Better.

Ryder Push Tyler

Tyler Pushs 4 Kittens Come out

Rocky Looks At Chase who is Crying  Chase you ok?

Chase With Tears in his Eyes im Fine im just so happy for Tyler 

Ryder Tearing up Me too

They go back to the Lookout

Tyler Puts the kittens in his pup house

Tyler Come on lets go Play

Chase Dont you have to watch them Till They are a bit bigger?

Rocky Chase is right

Tyler Ok Gives Them milk

Chase Awwww

Rocky How Cute

Tyler i know the Kittens Fall Asleep

Tyler Chase Rocky Lays With Them